About Us

At AppyPup (a division of Quazar Alliance Inc.) our mission is to get every child excited about learning. The founders of AppyPup are dedicated parents and experts in child development, education, and technology. We are a devoted, inspired husband and wife team. By profession one of us is a child psychology and education professional with a Master`s Degree in School Counseling and a PhD in Educational Psychology from The University Of Texas at Austin. As educators and parents we learned two very important things. Parents want their kids to learn and become a success. Kids, on the other hand, want to play and have fun. We are convinced that those two desires don't have to conflict with each other. In fact, learning can and should be fun, and this is the exact philosophy behind all our Apps. With AppyPup Apps there are no boring drills or rote memorization. Kids learn naturally by playing and having loads of fun in the process. Is it a lesson or a game? Your child will not be able to tell the difference! We create Apps that are both entertaining and educational, so that learning becomes its own intrinsic reward. Kids don't seem to want to put our Apps down, and parents can feel guilt free about letting their little ones doodle with their iPad or iPhone. All our Apps have child friendly interface, are fun, stress-free, have no third party advertisement, and respect your and your child`s privacy.